21 Jul
Every great movie consists of three parts or acts. The first part is “the trailer”. The director gives you a glimpse of the movie in the trailer and let you to discuss your own versions but probably you wont be right.The second act is “The experience”. The director takes you for a ride in his world, its just an ordinary set of scenes, but when put together takes you out of your world.. now, you ll be looking for flaws, its not human to accept every movie as a great one..but in inception, you won’t find it, because you are not really lookin it as a movie. you are experiencing it, you are living in Nolan’s world. that brings us to the third part, ” the feeling”. the feeling you get after the movie is over. it gets stuck in your head and makes you think of what happened, you try to dissect the movie but you have to understand it first and when you do, you’ll just have one thing to say, “the movie is magic and Christopher Nolan is ‘The Magician’..”
Taking a dialog from his own movie to appreciate him is the best i can do for my favourite director. I watched the movie last night and i still cant get over it. it ll take a few days i guess. this is nolan at his best. i wanted to watch it since the release date was announced. my experience was like the background score from the dark knight when joker tells about his scars..the music starts slow, grows, grows and peaks at the end. i read most of the reviews before the release and it grew on me that i wanted to watch it so bad, and i wasn’t disappointed to the least. i loved it. the cast was just perfect. joseph gordon levitt was ‘perfectly adequate’,ellen page was as usual the ‘intelligent’ and marion cottilard was gorgeous. leo is getting better and better..
the place where eames say “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling” tells you that its a dream and you’ll get the stuff you want by just dreaming for it. its not hard to identify between dreams and reality in the movie but if you lose track, you’ll be just wondering “whose dream is it anyway? “..going into the details ll just spoil the fun of watching it..just gotta take in the movie with an open mind and you ll have a lot to think bout for a few days after watching it..i surely wanna watch it again soon..a movie that makes us think, is always a good, nolan has just planted an idea inside the audience and it ll take a while to shake it off..
Don’t ever say i wanna live the dream. It should be more like i wanna dream but live in the reality. 🙂
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