august is a special month.

26 Aug
holds true for me atleast..its the month of friendship day,independence day and ofcourse my birthday which i share with two of my best friends preethi and madan. facebook tells me one of my friend is celebrating b’day almost everyday of the month.
nothing much happening around me to blog bout. everyday seems the same with the hope that tomorrow ll be better 😉 i initially started this blog to review movies and music and i’ve strayed long away from it. this month had its ups and ups as far as my life is concerned, having lotta free time for myself lately..bday celebrations were not the usual as always as few of my friends have started working..but i can say this time it was special in its own way..went out with frens for two movies in a single day ( three of em couldn’t make it though 😦 if they’d come it would have been great ), slept over at madan’s place and the day was loads of fun..we had planned for somethin like for almost a year now and it didn work out for some reason.. it became a joke between me and my fren..i told my fren “finally, our plan worked mate” and the reply was ” we didn plan mate, thats why it worked” 🙂 maybe thats right. all thanks to madan to have “planned” the wonderful day!!
madarasapattinam was the second movie i watched that day..i don see much movies and tamil movies are always on the back seat with the line of crappy movies they come out with, but things are changing now..we don have those cliche movie formulas anymore with the exception on vijay movies ( cliche is the word tailor made for him 😉 ) but madarasapattinam was rather good..better than what i expected..we were thinkin how to spend the evening and inception evening show was on the cards(i really wanna watch it again), sadly Raki cinemas didn share our like to see the movie which led to madarasapattinam..not the usual freedom struggle theme we would expect from the movie based on that era..a love story which is no different than the earlier ones but still good..a must watch in theatres!! i don understand one thing when i see the movies based on the pre independence era..we see lotta INDIAN policemen beating up our own people just because the english officers order them to. with all due respect, were they that desperate for money and security or were they just happy under whatever shit that came and ruled us?? they had the guns, what was the problem with just turning around and shoot?? i didn live that time and i mean no disrespect!!
oh and the first movie i watched that day, Aisha..just two words.. sonam and amritha puri!! most guys ll agree with me in this.. 🙂
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