It doesn’t get any better than this. It would be better if it did :P

10 Oct

I watched endhiran last weekend. To be honest, I was one of those who were not convinced that they can do good CG in tamil movies even when a big graphics studio was involved. I thought it would be a regular Rajinikanth movie with hero fighting the robot in the climax bare handed and win like it always happens. However things weren’t as I expected. It was a fight between man and machine in a way Indian audience had never seen before. Rajinikanth and underplay are two different worlds but he proved he can  be a complete director’s actor and deliver a brilliant performance (unlike few lame actors who just wanna do bigger than life character in every movie even when the audience laugh at those)

The movie is nothing like any other regular tamil movie. There are no punch dialogs for the hero, no colour shirts and awkward scenes. It’s a great looking, technically sound movie. The comedians delivered what was expected of them and the hero delivered his best performance which is mind blowing for a man of his age. When baba came and didn’t do well in BO, people said its time for him to quit. After seeing this, I can say I want him to do few more movies which are logical and closer to real life. We should not waste the actor in rajinikanth.

The CG didn’t disappoint and was better than expectations (at least mine which was very low) coming to Shankar, man he is good. He has delivered a totally Indian movie which is totally cooler than any other Indian movie in terms of style and technology. the dialogs by sujatha (wonder why didn they add ‘late’ to his name in the credits..maybe because he is still alive with us through his works) which were written by him before his death  are too good at a few places (will layman be able to understand ‘ip address’ and stuff ?? )..

With the cheers and whistles, I had a feeling like I was in Chennai the whole time the movie was playing 😉 that’s rajini for you..the rajini brand has transcended state boundaries this time. Hope they make good use of it.


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