I have a blog!! oh ya, i forgot!!!

23 Feb

the time i started writing in my blog i was all fired up. i wanted to write a post a week. sometimes even wrote one on successive days. but now its been a really long time since i posted one.its not like nothing interesting is happening in my life but just that i wasn’t really in the writing mood. the last few months have been one of the best times of my life which i’ll cherish forever. the training in bangalore, getting to know my cousin and his family a lot more and the friends i got there..( i wanted to write about it as it happened but was just a bit lazy, now it will feature in the BEAutiful memories section 😛 )

as for me, i started working a month back..120 kilometers of travelling each day and lotta changes around..weekdays go faster with nothing meaningful being done and weekends go off even quicker with nothing done at all..guess i gotta find my way of finding the inner kid and keeping myself smiling, the work is already in progress..lots to write about and those will follow in the successive posts..

by the time i’m writing this, one of my best friends Bala, is waiting in malaysia for his transit flight to newzealand..still can’t believe he left so soon. everything happened way too quickly. most times we guys feel bored, he would have something in his mind which is fun to do even if its just sitting in his terrace and talking stuff..gonna miss ya macha..finish the studying and come back in one piece!!

thanks to the special people who remind me everytime that i have a blog and i have loads to write bout, my best friend preethi reminded me this time.:) and also to madan cuz whenever i see him posting something in his blog i want to start working on my writing too ( never told him this though 😛 )..anyways my writing mood is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. Watch this space for more.. 🙂

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One response to “I have a blog!! oh ya, i forgot!!!

  1. vijayvat

    May 3, 2011 at 12:00 am

    one post a week is too much for an office goer. You can write once a month. In your next post, I hope to find about that special cool guy vijay whom you used to talk about all the time. How can you even write a blog post without mentioning the name of that great one?!


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