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I have a blog!! oh ya, i forgot!!!

the time i started writing in my blog i was all fired up. i wanted to write a post a week. sometimes even wrote one on successive days. but now its been a really long time since i posted one.its not like nothing interesting is happening in my life but just that i wasn’t really in the writing mood. the last few months have been one of the best times of my life which i’ll cherish forever. the training in bangalore, getting to know my cousin and his family a lot more and the friends i got there..( i wanted to write about it as it happened but was just a bit lazy, now it will feature in the BEAutiful memories section πŸ˜› )

as for me, i started working a month back..120 kilometers of travelling each day and lotta changes around..weekdays go faster with nothing meaningful being done and weekends go off even quicker with nothing done at all..guess i gotta find my way of finding the inner kid and keeping myself smiling, the work is already in progress..lots to write about and those will follow in the successive posts..

by the time i’m writing this, one of my best friends Bala, is waiting in malaysia for his transit flight to newzealand..still can’t believe he left so soon. everything happened way too quickly. most times we guys feel bored, he would have something in his mind which is fun to do even if its just sitting in his terrace and talking stuff..gonna miss ya macha..finish the studying and come back in one piece!!

thanks to the special people who remind me everytime that i have a blog and i have loads to write bout, my best friend preethi reminded me this time.:) and also to madan cuz whenever i see him posting something in his blog i want to start working on my writing too ( never told him this though πŸ˜› )..anyways my writing mood is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. Watch this space for more.. πŸ™‚

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it is something!!

I’m two years into my started with the euro’08 and now its fifa wc’10. i never thought i’d blog..hell, i didn know what is a blog until venkat said me he s written bout me in his blog..seein him and guru Β (those two r my college seniors) i thought bloggin was my kinda thing..then a few posts into it, i got blasted by a fren sayin my writing was childish..well, it is still to an extent i guess..but hey, thats me..anyways nothin much happenin around me these days..everyday seems the same..gettin up late cuz of watchin football the previous night,doing nothing till its game time again and wishing that my best pals shud get jobs in the same city ( namma chennai i.e ) so that we cud meet up atleast once in a week..dunno wt to do after june 11 when the finals r over (i wish spain wud win it)..go el nino!!
Just today i finished reading ‘shantaram’ and i should say it lived upto its expectations..wen my fren said bout giving me this to read the first thing i thought was ‘hey,i saw that name as an upcoming movie by johnny depp in’ i gave it a read and was great..900 pages seemed like climbing a steep rock at first but then i couldn’t stop reading..(the last big book i read was ‘kane and able’ which i finished just for the sake of starting it)..there is something bout this incidents and the author’s way of telling things that i like so much..u don’t have to make up stories all the time (like harry and twilight which i prefer watchin on screen rather than reading the book)..sometimes the stuff Β happening around us and the way we write it makes up a brilliant read and shantaram is one of those. it is great as a story and also there is an underlying message that makes us think throughout, lin baba really knows how to write..wish he’d put the pict of ‘prabaker’ with those beautiful eyes..hope they make a good movie out of it too..cant wait to see johnny in that role!!
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yeah!! we won!! the championship is coming home..what a match it was..first it was the big question that will sachin play or not, then it was the big ceremony ( frankly, i didn like anything in it except the performance by the mozart of madras A.R.Rahman..bips looked awful 😦 ) the match was interesting no doubt bout it..all the tension, excitement and flashes of genius in dhoni’s captaincy as usual..only flaw (dunno how to put it) was when sachin didn walk out when the umpire didn show him out even when he knew he had hit the ball (?) the replays were clear that it was out..all this fades into pale insignifance in the light of the fact that Chennai won the title and they deserved it..YEAH!! i was on cloud nine watchin the victory..the trophy was like fallin into the hands of mumbai indians but the wicket of keiron pollard made sure the trophy had our names written all over it.. πŸ™‚ but the presentation ceremony made me feel like crap!! i mean, what the hell were they trying to do?? modi comes in and reads a shitty i didn do anything kinda letter and no representatives for chennai in the presentation party..if this was worse, Mr shastri was readin the names and awards like he was paying homage..that was ipl finals boss, not some funeral place!! yeah, ur sachin (who played through the pain of the stitches and who did everthing to ensure his team wins..even faking his wicket) didn,all should cut a sorry face and not congratulate the winners eh?? where is the bloody sportsmanship?? the crowd just leftΒ  after the last ball..who came up with the big idea of hosting the finals in mumbai?? least next time the finals should be hosted by a neutral venue.. to top it all up, the news channels showed modi s firing as a main news and the victory as a marquee underneath it..they showed some group stage matches so big and the finals gets this kinda treatment?? go to hell mates..we don’t need bollywood stars and fancy shit to popularize our team..WE ARE CHENNAI SUPER KINGS AND WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

I’ve just got one question for all of em..if sachin had won yesterday, wud he and his team have got the same treatment??? the answer is a two letter word starting with a N and ending with O..obvious!!

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the google controversy!

Yesterday, times now was concentrating bout one news as they usually do..this one made me watch was bout the three versions of google maps showing arunachal pradesh as a part of india for indian users, part of china for chinese and a disputed territory for other countries..the discussion was bout democracy n stuff..they said we have a representative elected from that area in our parliament and all..come on, less than 50% of people voting and we still boast as the biggest democracy in the world..we have a whole lotta people who still think of election as a whole day off..i don wanna talk bout those who think election as a way of minting money..we don care bout em rt?? we just wanna elect some guy and then blame ourselves for the haste decision for few days and forget that.. gettin back to the google news, who gave google the right to show our land as someone else’s ?? that is the right of our politicians.. πŸ˜‰ a google representative claimed they are just showing what the respective nations claim as theirs..this is like the situation in college where two guys see one girl, if u ask one guy’s gang, they ll say the girl likes him, the other ll say him..but if u ask a neutral guy he ll say, the girl is free, anyone can approach πŸ˜‰ thats the situation there..but still google should not take sides with anyone in this, arunachal is still with india, so it should be shown as a part of india all over the world..chinese cant claim a place as theirs just because their army comes to arunachal on a vacation, it will be like US claiming iraq as a part of US, sounds absurd right?? so, what can we do bout this?? analyse and vote next time and stop using google for search..use bing instead. what is bing?? google it!! πŸ˜‰


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Just like that!

I always wanted to see the beach on a night time..was telling my frens bout it never happened until 2 days back. i was talking to my friend madan bout going to beach to see the new “good looking” marina..the next day i got a message from him..beach polama da?? how can i say no to him, i wanted to see the beach too..we started in my bike by evenin 530, him driving ( the first time someone else drove my gladiator for a long distance )..i have driven more than 900 kms and still my first service is pending.. 😦 the day turned out to beΒ  with events to remember for a long time..the first was walkin in the beach at was kaanum pongal, a local festival when every one will rush to the beach for reasons they themselves dunno πŸ˜‰ i celebrated it their way this time, it was great except for the rush, searched around for why people come to marina so much that particular day, to me it was the same old sand, breeze and couples sitting so close u could hardly notice two people if not for their dress.. when ll they learn bout “privacy and public place”?? then was the dinner at Rathna Cafe, madan gave too much hype bout the sambhar idly there which the hotel really lived upto..everyone should try eating there once..then it was the 1000km mark in my bike ( the run in is over..yay πŸ˜€ ) which accompanied the first time i paid money to a traffic was some street before a left..we took it to avoid signal..there was no sign board, only when we entered we noticed a traffic cop standing at the end ( the road was hardly 100 m long ) he got a glimpse of my purse when i took out my driver’s prizes for guessing his next dialog πŸ˜‰ purse la evlo iruku??Β  cliche..i had few 10rs notes which he took without counting 😦 ..wasn’t traffic cops meant to maintain traffic rules?? its like now they wait for people to break rules so that they can get money..why cant he stand in the entry to the road and tell us to take some other turn?? ( nice job guys ) Chennai’s finest.. and for god’s sake keep the sign boards a big bigger and visible.. better add a light to the boards for visibility in the dark..there are lotta lights wasted on movie hoardings..can use that πŸ˜‰ only a suggestion..blaming and talking doesn’t really solve anything..will the real government please stand up??

Ps.. We went to a place near beach buy books for him for this semester, not a drive like a headless chicken..all this happened just like that!


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a land of 1000 movies..

yeah, m talkin bout my country India..we hav a lotta woods here to make movies..( vry less to make oxygen though.. 😦 ) there is kollywood,tollywood, malluwood (?), the dominant bollywood and other smaller ones like bhojpuri etc..we ve been making movies for more than 75 yrs and with the exception of a few here and there we can categorize all the movies under one topic..seasonal cliche ( i dunno how to type that end e with a horn with my keyboard..but i know u get the picture.. ) i hav a few doubts bout all the movies..i’m asking it here so that someone would answer me..
first of all, wats with the “wood” in the name?..thr is one place called hollywood where they make english movies, that doesn’t mean all shud end with a wood..
my second question is whats with the seasonal stories?? if one movie is declared a hit a dozen other movies follow suit with the same theme and a small change in script..ah, come on if u wanna copy, copy ur own script..make a sequel of ur own movie..part2 works most of the time, if not take a part3.. πŸ˜‰
next is, why shud the hero always win?? even if he is a bad guy and kill a dozen people..also tat if one guy in a hero s family dies, its shown as somethin huge and the hero goes to the villian’s lair and challenges him..while doin so he kills a lot of they don hav family?? what bout them?? why are the movies always around one guy who is just another normal guy but beats up ten ppl with a single movement..the funny part is a hero worked out and showed six pack abs in a movie which hardly had fight scenes.. πŸ˜‰ i say, if u wanna show a hero beat up everyone make him a superhero..we audience ll accept that..
last question..why is it, if a movie is declared hit in one language, it s remade in another language again with the same dialogus and the same scenes..the original with a subtitle hav pretty much done the job i guess.. πŸ™‚
anyways thats the way it works and if any1 readin this post knew the anwers for what i asked, do reply cuz there are a whole lot like me with the same thing in mind..

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semi finals thana da macha..vidra finals la pathukalam..


this “famous” dialog from the movie gilli made me smile after watching the chennai super kings drop out from the road to finals..for a chennai fan like me, there is nothin much to cheer about this season..well, this ipl wasn’t as big as the last one..many might disagree with me but i feel so..only the first 5 or 6 and the last 5 overs were entertaining..and, ya..the zoo zoo was a lot better than many matches.. πŸ˜‰ well, this yr’s ipl t20 was more like an odi, or should i say..a reality show.. seriously.. scores hardly crossing 200 nd they even put up 120 to 130 as a high score at times..maybe its because of the pitch nd the conditions thr..but what is lost is lost..wud hav been a lot better if it had happened in comes the question..where did the chennai super kings go wrong?..i guess a lotta places..tat kid tyagi bowled some brilliant overs but was yet not considered for the semi final playing 11..nd oram..come on, he hardly got a over or two to bat nd the same with the ball too..he ain’t no jonty rhodes..the y was he still thr in every single playing 11??..and for hussey..who on earth asked him to come to south africa wen he could have watched the match at his home..( maybe they thought of using him if we reached finals..but we didn and he was like..just another from the crowd..) and wat bout ntini..all he did was to cheer the team along with sivamani ( he was awesome πŸ™‚ )..anyways its all over for the team in yellow now and fingers crossed that hayden wins the orange cap..some consolation..the world cup is around the corner and looking at the ipl, none can say who ll win tat..its not bout experience anymore..its just bout the present form of a player..if you dont believe that, you should have watched dravid’s reaction when pandey was given out yesterday..well, its back to the drawing board for the chennai team with next year in plans, new good thing about yesterday’s result was that my fellow 3rd year students don’t hav to glued today to their tv s (we got exams tomorrow πŸ˜‰ ) except for akon and katrina’s performance in the finale that is.. πŸ˜‰

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