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yeah!! we won!! the championship is coming home..what a match it was..first it was the big question that will sachin play or not, then it was the big ceremony ( frankly, i didn like anything in it except the performance by the mozart of madras A.R.Rahman..bips looked awful 😦 ) the match was interesting no doubt bout it..all the tension, excitement and flashes of genius in dhoni’s captaincy as usual..only flaw (dunno how to put it) was when sachin didn walk out when the umpire didn show him out even when he knew he had hit the ball (?) the replays were clear that it was out..all this fades into pale insignifance in the light of the fact that Chennai won the title and they deserved it..YEAH!! i was on cloud nine watchin the victory..the trophy was like fallin into the hands of mumbai indians but the wicket of keiron pollard made sure the trophy had our names written all over it.. πŸ™‚ but the presentation ceremony made me feel like crap!! i mean, what the hell were they trying to do?? modi comes in and reads a shitty i didn do anything kinda letter and no representatives for chennai in the presentation party..if this was worse, Mr shastri was readin the names and awards like he was paying homage..that was ipl finals boss, not some funeral place!! yeah, ur sachin (who played through the pain of the stitches and who did everthing to ensure his team wins..even faking his wicket) didn,all should cut a sorry face and not congratulate the winners eh?? where is the bloody sportsmanship?? the crowd just leftΒ  after the last ball..who came up with the big idea of hosting the finals in mumbai?? least next time the finals should be hosted by a neutral venue.. to top it all up, the news channels showed modi s firing as a main news and the victory as a marquee underneath it..they showed some group stage matches so big and the finals gets this kinda treatment?? go to hell mates..we don’t need bollywood stars and fancy shit to popularize our team..WE ARE CHENNAI SUPER KINGS AND WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

I’ve just got one question for all of em..if sachin had won yesterday, wud he and his team have got the same treatment??? the answer is a two letter word starting with a N and ending with O..obvious!!

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semi finals thana da macha..vidra finals la pathukalam..


this “famous” dialog from the movie gilli made me smile after watching the chennai super kings drop out from the road to finals..for a chennai fan like me, there is nothin much to cheer about this season..well, this ipl wasn’t as big as the last one..many might disagree with me but i feel so..only the first 5 or 6 and the last 5 overs were entertaining..and, ya..the zoo zoo was a lot better than many matches.. πŸ˜‰ well, this yr’s ipl t20 was more like an odi, or should i say..a reality show.. seriously.. scores hardly crossing 200 nd they even put up 120 to 130 as a high score at times..maybe its because of the pitch nd the conditions thr..but what is lost is lost..wud hav been a lot better if it had happened in comes the question..where did the chennai super kings go wrong?..i guess a lotta places..tat kid tyagi bowled some brilliant overs but was yet not considered for the semi final playing 11..nd oram..come on, he hardly got a over or two to bat nd the same with the ball too..he ain’t no jonty rhodes..the y was he still thr in every single playing 11??..and for hussey..who on earth asked him to come to south africa wen he could have watched the match at his home..( maybe they thought of using him if we reached finals..but we didn and he was like..just another from the crowd..) and wat bout ntini..all he did was to cheer the team along with sivamani ( he was awesome πŸ™‚ )..anyways its all over for the team in yellow now and fingers crossed that hayden wins the orange cap..some consolation..the world cup is around the corner and looking at the ipl, none can say who ll win tat..its not bout experience anymore..its just bout the present form of a player..if you dont believe that, you should have watched dravid’s reaction when pandey was given out yesterday..well, its back to the drawing board for the chennai team with next year in plans, new good thing about yesterday’s result was that my fellow 3rd year students don’t hav to glued today to their tv s (we got exams tomorrow πŸ˜‰ ) except for akon and katrina’s performance in the finale that is.. πŸ˜‰

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farewell dada!..

India’s most successful test captain with consecutive 15 test victories..1st left hander to cross 10,000 runs,third in the world to do so..2nd player to cross 5000 runs as a captain..the god of off side..spinner’s nightmare..a man of controversies..the prince of kolkatta..the bengal tiger..dada..the man who showed india a perfect mixture of aggression nd style through his game..the man who brought so many victories to our country which was not possible for decades..the best captain india has ever seen..the man, say in brief one who has done everything there in cricket,has played for the last time for the country..a debut ton nd now out for a duck in his last innings jus like sir don bradman..sourav chandidas ganguly has retired from international a cricket crazy nation like ours he has got his own share (tat is a huge share) of fans who watch cricket just for him..the ones like me..the way he handles the opponents nd his straight sixes are always fun to watch..the lord of come,i cant keep a count of his come backs..he showed from time to time he is the best in the sport nd will still show..still i need one more come back from more series of one dayers to show he is still the best..its a fact,obviously everybody knows now..but if it happens i ll be delighted along with the rest of the millions who wants to watch him play.. πŸ™‚ cricket won’t be the same without him for his fans..dada, U will never be forgotten for the way U made us watch U play, the way U played those drives with such ease nd for all the victories U brought..


– a fan who is waiting for the stalls to open for the ticket sales of kolkatta knight riders vs chennai super kings match just to watch dada play again.. πŸ™‚

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