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it is something!!

I’m two years into my started with the euro’08 and now its fifa wc’10. i never thought i’d blog..hell, i didn know what is a blog until venkat said me he s written bout me in his blog..seein him and guru ¬†(those two r my college seniors) i thought bloggin was my kinda thing..then a few posts into it, i got blasted by a fren sayin my writing was childish..well, it is still to an extent i guess..but hey, thats me..anyways nothin much happenin around me these days..everyday seems the same..gettin up late cuz of watchin football the previous night,doing nothing till its game time again and wishing that my best pals shud get jobs in the same city ( namma chennai i.e ) so that we cud meet up atleast once in a week..dunno wt to do after june 11 when the finals r over (i wish spain wud win it)..go el nino!!
Just today i finished reading ‘shantaram’ and i should say it lived upto its expectations..wen my fren said bout giving me this to read the first thing i thought was ‘hey,i saw that name as an upcoming movie by johnny depp in’ i gave it a read and was great..900 pages seemed like climbing a steep rock at first but then i couldn’t stop reading..(the last big book i read was ‘kane and able’ which i finished just for the sake of starting it)..there is something bout this incidents and the author’s way of telling things that i like so much..u don’t have to make up stories all the time (like harry and twilight which i prefer watchin on screen rather than reading the book)..sometimes the stuff ¬†happening around us and the way we write it makes up a brilliant read and shantaram is one of those. it is great as a story and also there is an underlying message that makes us think throughout, lin baba really knows how to write..wish he’d put the pict of ‘prabaker’ with those beautiful eyes..hope they make a good movie out of it too..cant wait to see johnny in that role!!
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