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it is something!!

I’m two years into my started with the euro’08 and now its fifa wc’10. i never thought i’d blog..hell, i didn know what is a blog until venkat said me he s written bout me in his blog..seein him and guru ย (those two r my college seniors) i thought bloggin was my kinda thing..then a few posts into it, i got blasted by a fren sayin my writing was childish..well, it is still to an extent i guess..but hey, thats me..anyways nothin much happenin around me these days..everyday seems the same..gettin up late cuz of watchin football the previous night,doing nothing till its game time again and wishing that my best pals shud get jobs in the same city ( namma chennai i.e ) so that we cud meet up atleast once in a week..dunno wt to do after june 11 when the finals r over (i wish spain wud win it)..go el nino!!
Just today i finished reading ‘shantaram’ and i should say it lived upto its expectations..wen my fren said bout giving me this to read the first thing i thought was ‘hey,i saw that name as an upcoming movie by johnny depp in’ i gave it a read and was great..900 pages seemed like climbing a steep rock at first but then i couldn’t stop reading..(the last big book i read was ‘kane and able’ which i finished just for the sake of starting it)..there is something bout this incidents and the author’s way of telling things that i like so much..u don’t have to make up stories all the time (like harry and twilight which i prefer watchin on screen rather than reading the book)..sometimes the stuff ย happening around us and the way we write it makes up a brilliant read and shantaram is one of those. it is great as a story and also there is an underlying message that makes us think throughout, lin baba really knows how to write..wish he’d put the pict of ‘prabaker’ with those beautiful eyes..hope they make a good movie out of it too..cant wait to see johnny in that role!!
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unnamed!! microblogging maybe?? ;)

College got over, they have let us loose and we only have to report for our project reviews and model exams ( which the management conducts for their satisfaction..lame ) so its just all day at home doing nothing..its the same old facebook,music and movies to kill time..i think orkut is becoming obsolete,at least among my project is still going good and it just got better the last week..hope it continues!!

my mobile is givin me a whole lotta trouble..the key pad is so stuck to the surface like lame movies and vijay tat its becoming impossible to text, which had been a saviour to me these three years to kill time and to be in touch with the ones i care so much for!

HARI SADU is back, is he? there are just three kinda students now, ones who got placed in the first lot and talk as if they didn even want it, the second who prepare lots and try for every chance available, and the third who don give a damn about all this..its not the thing bout placements that worries me, its just the elders who keep asking bout the placements to whichever college student they see..when ll they stop that? sigh!

the best thing tat happened was the song release of Vinnai thaandi varuvaya! Rahman creates magic once again and every song is pretty awesome..hosanna is too good that i even wrote that lyrics in my professional ethics model exam! thats the thing with rahman’s music, when his song is released, u wouldn’t want any other song in your playlist..if one song gets a bit old the other catches up with you..well, he has got a lot more magic to keep us mesmerised in the coming years..congrats to him on his double grammy!!

rahul gandhi gets into a local train in andheri..well, he should, not only him but every other politician and they gotta do it everytime..i dont understand why is it made a big news..afterall he is like each of us, apart from being born in one of the powerful families in the country..but still its a good beginning and this surely must be followed..more than this i liked it when a young student asked him in a gathering, why the hell was he there ( the same words ppl ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and rahul answered it with a smile..maybe he is not bad afterall..( will the kid be still in one piece if he had asked it to our usual politicians? ) a world of liars, the one who says his name right should be the king!!

the biggest news of the weekend was that Liverpool won the merseyside derby..( i really thought somethin else wud be in this place but unfortunately it didn turn up quite well ) way to go reds..proved once again that ” there are only two good teams in merseyside, liverpool and liverpool reserves” YNWA!!

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Just like that!

I always wanted to see the beach on a night time..was telling my frens bout it never happened until 2 days back. i was talking to my friend madan bout going to beach to see the new “good looking” marina..the next day i got a message from him..beach polama da?? how can i say no to him, i wanted to see the beach too..we started in my bike by evenin 530, him driving ( the first time someone else drove my gladiator for a long distance )..i have driven more than 900 kms and still my first service is pending.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ the day turned out to beย  with events to remember for a long time..the first was walkin in the beach at was kaanum pongal, a local festival when every one will rush to the beach for reasons they themselves dunno ๐Ÿ˜‰ i celebrated it their way this time, it was great except for the rush, searched around for why people come to marina so much that particular day, to me it was the same old sand, breeze and couples sitting so close u could hardly notice two people if not for their dress.. when ll they learn bout “privacy and public place”?? then was the dinner at Rathna Cafe, madan gave too much hype bout the sambhar idly there which the hotel really lived upto..everyone should try eating there once..then it was the 1000km mark in my bike ( the run in is over..yay ๐Ÿ˜€ ) which accompanied the first time i paid money to a traffic was some street before a left..we took it to avoid signal..there was no sign board, only when we entered we noticed a traffic cop standing at the end ( the road was hardly 100 m long ) he got a glimpse of my purse when i took out my driver’s prizes for guessing his next dialog ๐Ÿ˜‰ purse la evlo iruku??ย  cliche..i had few 10rs notes which he took without counting ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ..wasn’t traffic cops meant to maintain traffic rules?? its like now they wait for people to break rules so that they can get money..why cant he stand in the entry to the road and tell us to take some other turn?? ( nice job guys ) Chennai’s finest.. and for god’s sake keep the sign boards a big bigger and visible.. better add a light to the boards for visibility in the dark..there are lotta lights wasted on movie hoardings..can use that ๐Ÿ˜‰ only a suggestion..blaming and talking doesn’t really solve anything..will the real government please stand up??

Ps.. We went to a place near beach buy books for him for this semester, not a drive like a headless chicken..all this happened just like that!


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