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yeah!! we won!! the championship is coming home..what a match it was..first it was the big question that will sachin play or not, then it was the big ceremony ( frankly, i didn like anything in it except the performance by the mozart of madras A.R.Rahman..bips looked awful 😦 ) the match was interesting no doubt bout it..all the tension, excitement and flashes of genius in dhoni’s captaincy as usual..only flaw (dunno how to put it) was when sachin didn walk out when the umpire didn show him out even when he knew he had hit the ball (?) the replays were clear that it was out..all this fades into pale insignifance in the light of the fact that Chennai won the title and they deserved it..YEAH!! i was on cloud nine watchin the victory..the trophy was like fallin into the hands of mumbai indians but the wicket of keiron pollard made sure the trophy had our names written all over it.. πŸ™‚ but the presentation ceremony made me feel like crap!! i mean, what the hell were they trying to do?? modi comes in and reads a shitty i didn do anything kinda letter and no representatives for chennai in the presentation party..if this was worse, Mr shastri was readin the names and awards like he was paying homage..that was ipl finals boss, not some funeral place!! yeah, ur sachin (who played through the pain of the stitches and who did everthing to ensure his team wins..even faking his wicket) didn,all should cut a sorry face and not congratulate the winners eh?? where is the bloody sportsmanship?? the crowd just leftΒ  after the last ball..who came up with the big idea of hosting the finals in mumbai?? least next time the finals should be hosted by a neutral venue.. to top it all up, the news channels showed modi s firing as a main news and the victory as a marquee underneath it..they showed some group stage matches so big and the finals gets this kinda treatment?? go to hell mates..we don’t need bollywood stars and fancy shit to popularize our team..WE ARE CHENNAI SUPER KINGS AND WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

I’ve just got one question for all of em..if sachin had won yesterday, wud he and his team have got the same treatment??? the answer is a two letter word starting with a N and ending with O..obvious!!

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blame game..

have U seen this game being played? if not, see the indian news channels for an hour or two..U ll surely know tat..wats all this bout people? channel says thr is a war situation nd this may trigger a third world war(wt, pakistan vs the world eh??)..another channel is showin all the weapons nd missiles of the indian army..if given authority, i guess the reporters ll take the missiles nd start firing..i don mistake them but, don U think they r blowin the whole thing up to another level?? i might be wrong, if so would some1 pls correct me?? πŸ™‚ i m open to any suggestions..the next thing i m havin doubt is who did wat!!! india accused pakistan for mumbai blasts..they even say they hav all the proof to confirm pakistan hav hit back saying there is india s hand in the lahore blast..which one s true nd which one s false..i dunno..guess thr r lotta ppl like me who cant understand this.. 😦 but honestly if governments jus go on blaming each other for every incident or accident, wr ll be the full stop for this?? if this situation continues,who knows maybe one day some indian politician may blame pak for power cut in his house or some pak leader may blame india for the lack of proper road facilities in his street..come on, U don think this ll happen..wait for some ll..its as if both the countries r ready to fight the hell outta each other but personally, i don hav one single enemy in a matter of fact,i don even know any1 thr..ah,i 4got..its jus the governments fighting nd the people pay the price..i don think tats even close to fair..lemme suggest them one thing..ancient romans were a grand arena..who ever wanna fight, let them go in nd beat the hell outta each other ( espn can get television rights, their commentary is good.. πŸ˜‰ ) atleast the money spent on war ll be spared for doin some good to ppl.. (i.e if the politicians feel tat way.. 😦 ) lets hope all this ends soon nd we get to watch somethin else on the news channels.. like the battle of words between movie stars.. (guess news channels always want somethin interestin to happen..wat they call it scoop)..well, tats strong πŸ™‚

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