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yeah!! we won!! the championship is coming home..what a match it was..first it was the big question that will sachin play or not, then it was the big ceremony ( frankly, i didn like anything in it except the performance by the mozart of madras A.R.Rahman..bips looked awful 😦 ) the match was interesting no doubt bout it..all the tension, excitement and flashes of genius in dhoni’s captaincy as usual..only flaw (dunno how to put it) was when sachin didn walk out when the umpire didn show him out even when he knew he had hit the ball (?) the replays were clear that it was out..all this fades into pale insignifance in the light of the fact that Chennai won the title and they deserved it..YEAH!! i was on cloud nine watchin the victory..the trophy was like fallin into the hands of mumbai indians but the wicket of keiron pollard made sure the trophy had our names written all over it.. πŸ™‚ but the presentation ceremony made me feel like crap!! i mean, what the hell were they trying to do?? modi comes in and reads a shitty i didn do anything kinda letter and no representatives for chennai in the presentation party..if this was worse, Mr shastri was readin the names and awards like he was paying homage..that was ipl finals boss, not some funeral place!! yeah, ur sachin (who played through the pain of the stitches and who did everthing to ensure his team wins..even faking his wicket) didn,all should cut a sorry face and not congratulate the winners eh?? where is the bloody sportsmanship?? the crowd just leftΒ  after the last ball..who came up with the big idea of hosting the finals in mumbai?? least next time the finals should be hosted by a neutral venue.. to top it all up, the news channels showed modi s firing as a main news and the victory as a marquee underneath it..they showed some group stage matches so big and the finals gets this kinda treatment?? go to hell mates..we don’t need bollywood stars and fancy shit to popularize our team..WE ARE CHENNAI SUPER KINGS AND WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

I’ve just got one question for all of em..if sachin had won yesterday, wud he and his team have got the same treatment??? the answer is a two letter word starting with a N and ending with O..obvious!!

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unnamed!! microblogging maybe?? ;)

College got over, they have let us loose and we only have to report for our project reviews and model exams ( which the management conducts for their satisfaction..lame ) so its just all day at home doing nothing..its the same old facebook,music and movies to kill time..i think orkut is becoming obsolete,at least among my project is still going good and it just got better the last week..hope it continues!!

my mobile is givin me a whole lotta trouble..the key pad is so stuck to the surface like lame movies and vijay tat its becoming impossible to text, which had been a saviour to me these three years to kill time and to be in touch with the ones i care so much for!

HARI SADU is back, is he? there are just three kinda students now, ones who got placed in the first lot and talk as if they didn even want it, the second who prepare lots and try for every chance available, and the third who don give a damn about all this..its not the thing bout placements that worries me, its just the elders who keep asking bout the placements to whichever college student they see..when ll they stop that? sigh!

the best thing tat happened was the song release of Vinnai thaandi varuvaya! Rahman creates magic once again and every song is pretty awesome..hosanna is too good that i even wrote that lyrics in my professional ethics model exam! thats the thing with rahman’s music, when his song is released, u wouldn’t want any other song in your playlist..if one song gets a bit old the other catches up with you..well, he has got a lot more magic to keep us mesmerised in the coming years..congrats to him on his double grammy!!

rahul gandhi gets into a local train in andheri..well, he should, not only him but every other politician and they gotta do it everytime..i dont understand why is it made a big news..afterall he is like each of us, apart from being born in one of the powerful families in the country..but still its a good beginning and this surely must be followed..more than this i liked it when a young student asked him in a gathering, why the hell was he there ( the same words ppl πŸ˜‰ ) and rahul answered it with a smile..maybe he is not bad afterall..( will the kid be still in one piece if he had asked it to our usual politicians? ) a world of liars, the one who says his name right should be the king!!

the biggest news of the weekend was that Liverpool won the merseyside derby..( i really thought somethin else wud be in this place but unfortunately it didn turn up quite well ) way to go reds..proved once again that ” there are only two good teams in merseyside, liverpool and liverpool reserves” YNWA!!

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free sim cards anyone??

libraryiphone-3g-airtelthey r giving it out like pamplet these days..all u need is a photo and an id..i read a few months back like the government is going to be strict with giving out sim cards following the Mumbai blasts..if they call this strict, what would happen if they were free..worse than urs and my nightmares combined i guess..whats the problem with this u ask..don even get me coll guys have started collecting sim cards as if they are collectibles..many of the guys i know hav a sim card in each and every network available..i still remember the times they sold a lifetime incoming sim card for 1000 rupees and u still hav to a minimum recharge, u get the card for free with a few rupees talktime and an activated add on feature for a few, i ask myself..y do ppl want more than one sim card..these are the possible answers i hav heard..
1. to talk to girlfriends/ boyfriends..this always is the top priority..if one network allows 5ps calls between two numbers, other gives it for free..the best one as i heard was idea, free calls from idea to idea for a monthly recharge of 150rs or so..
2. for the free talktime.. this is just for the fun of getting free talk time for a photo and a xerox copy of any id proof..who else would pay us for gettin our photo πŸ˜‰
3. just for bragging..”hey, i got all the sim cards in the market” if he/she ran 100 meters in 9secs or 9.00 secs exactly.. ( now, tats somethin even usain bolt didn’t do till now..i m sure he ll do even tat in the near future.. )
so, why do the companies want to sell sim cards this desperately??Β  they still think ppl r buying cards out of the interest in the company?? hello..welcome to reality, there are ppl who get anythin that is given out for free..and sim cards are not an exception..if u wanna lure customers, do it by giving offers and affordable add on features..not by free sim..its spoils the name of the company..if its free, its jus one step away from waste..well, apart from softwares that is..( freewares rock πŸ˜‰ )
yeah, i forgot to tell bout the BIG prob with this situation..the one that made me to write this post..the ones havin all the sim cards jus hav one single mobile phone which supports jus one damn sim at a time..they jus swap sim cards and use..tats where the trouble is..we dunno which card they r using at present..hell, they don even know case of emergency, u dunno which no to use to call the person..thank god i save the no with an extention separately..for those who save all the numbers of a contact in a single name, its mayhem..
its time the operators start taking notice of this..before we end up using all the combinations of 10 digit no..wit millions of em in the purses and not in mobiles..

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