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It doesn’t get any better than this. It would be better if it did :P

I watched endhiran last weekend. To be honest, I was one of those who were not convinced that they can do good CG in tamil movies even when a big graphics studio was involved. I thought it would be a regular Rajinikanth movie with hero fighting the robot in the climax bare handed and win like it always happens. However things weren’t as I expected. It was a fight between man and machine in a way Indian audience had never seen before. Rajinikanth and underplay are two different worlds but he proved he can  be a complete director’s actor and deliver a brilliant performance (unlike few lame actors who just wanna do bigger than life character in every movie even when the audience laugh at those)

The movie is nothing like any other regular tamil movie. There are no punch dialogs for the hero, no colour shirts and awkward scenes. It’s a great looking, technically sound movie. The comedians delivered what was expected of them and the hero delivered his best performance which is mind blowing for a man of his age. When baba came and didn’t do well in BO, people said its time for him to quit. After seeing this, I can say I want him to do few more movies which are logical and closer to real life. We should not waste the actor in rajinikanth.

The CG didn’t disappoint and was better than expectations (at least mine which was very low) coming to Shankar, man he is good. He has delivered a totally Indian movie which is totally cooler than any other Indian movie in terms of style and technology. the dialogs by sujatha (wonder why didn they add ‘late’ to his name in the credits..maybe because he is still alive with us through his works) which were written by him before his death  are too good at a few places (will layman be able to understand ‘ip address’ and stuff ?? )..

With the cheers and whistles, I had a feeling like I was in Chennai the whole time the movie was playing 😉 that’s rajini for you..the rajini brand has transcended state boundaries this time. Hope they make good use of it.


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AAYIRATHIL ORUVAN!! a take on a new genre in tamil..

I dunno what is it with me and night shows..been long since i went with my gang for a day show..yesterday it was AAYIRATHIL ORUVAN..i wondered why selva ( the director ) chose that name for the movie..also what was with the M.G.R song remixed..only when madan said that selva is a big fan of M.G.R i got the should listen to the crowd for that song..Vaathiyar still rocks..
Now gettin to the movie, it started on a weird note of a guy gone missing and a crew to search him..are archeologists given THAT kinda respect in our country?? i didn know that..then came Andrea who is the lost guy’s daughter and Reema who is a top official incharge of the mission..the boarding scene reminded of the titanic..maybe all ships are the same..Hero introdction was awesome..Karthi has got a natural humour in him and it can be seen clearly..the way he approaches the two girls with the same dialog, the whole theatre laughs..they are set off to an island off vietnam..( ya, the same place that comes in most of hollywood war movies ) its now the movie gets good with all the curves 😉 and twists.. like most of the english adventure movies the girls wear shorts and t-shirts..Reema seems to be too comfortable showing off 😉 and a big part of the male crowd kinda likes it obviously..Andrea doesn’t have much of acting to do but WHAT A GIRL man!! Perfect girlfriend material until she tells her story..Karthi s reaction for that is awesome..his dialog delivery rocks the theatre..the adventure begins and ppl are killed by hundreds..come on, where is the cant just go to a foreign country and kill ppl like that even if they are was like watchin counterstrike on big screen..the movie went on for sometime and i thought it was almost over, then came the interval..WHAT now only?? the second half was totally dark and with scenes like never before seen in tamil industry..they had famine which i dont understand cuz in two days walk there is flush forest which the lead actors had crossed..why cant those tribes go for that..they dumb or somethin?? They got magic and all man..can see the future but not what is there on the other side of the island?? The CG didn look bad..was good with the dark theme of the movie, music stood out in quite a few places.. ( theatre speakers were not so good 😦 ) Parthiban was awesome and the make up too was great.. how is that each tribe are in different colour? ( should have searched the next island for NAVI s 😉 blue ll do great as skin colour.. ) some scenes really showed selva s touch..the tamil used in the second half showed the kinda work involved in searchin those..few might need subtitles to understand that 😉 ( thats the state of tamil now right?? ) some were too hard for a normal tamil viewer to digest..the heronies callin each other #@$%& was new too, so were the zombies.. The actions of the army showed harsh reality that everyone should accept..give few guys a gun and the power,the women in the place ll surely suffer..humanity is just a word these days..and selva showed it the hard way..not a movie to watch with kids and even parents.. 😉 i still couldn’t take sides of who is good and who is bad..i go with Parthiban for the good ones IMO.. overall, a great initative by selva for touchin a genre like this, expecting something different from him next..i kinda liked it ( the last movie i watched was vettaikaran, anything i watch after that will obviously be good 😉 ) but dunno how ll the rest of the people take it.. had one doubt at the  end..if army can get into the place by helicopters so easily, then why did Reema and crew undergo such hardship and shed loads of blood to get there?? one thing is very clear..Andrea is HOT!! many wud agree with me in this!!  


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VAAADAAA!!! theatre ku ullaya veliyaya??

this is one movie which created a whole lotta stir in the daily lives of tamil people.. wen sun pictures announced the movie, it was the startin point of disaster..i never wanted to watch it..tat too in theatres..i was in a great mood after watchin 3 idiots which i loved like anythin..but u dunno bout my friends..they dont plan anythin, they just was the decided we were goin for the night show of vettaikaran just 2 hours before the movie mom didn allow me to take my, bala picked me up..and it was my job to convince madan’s mom to send him..the tickets were a bit costly for raki standards..10 of us guys went was just us and another gang of 10 or so in the entire balcony..the movie started as usual with the mass song..then the unthinkable happened..vijay was shown as a guy who was writin 12th std for four years..tat makes him almost my age..he is first year college student..come on..what next?? i guess he is taking sathyaraj a bit more seriously.. 😉 then the usual vijay movie stuff..comedy, heroism and all..he didn have his usual flare in dance sequence though..and the it really anushka??, the gorgeous girl from arunthati n all.. she looked like vijay’s aunt..and in some scenes like his uncle..i mean, what happened..didn tip the make up artist well?? ( its evident in the song where vijay wears a wig..woeful..) or misunderstood the word “reality cinema” as movie without makeup ?? who cares..the first half was like totally noisy with a bit of humour here and there..and i thought sometimes my jokes were bad 😉 come every villian shouts with the same pitch?? god, i was searchin for the volume control switch in the theatre..the second half started and my friend ajay was totally frustrated with the movie already..the worse was yet to come..oh, did i mention, two of my friends were watchin it for the second time in the same week..came due to our compulsion..i couldn’t imagine how they felt 😦 then it was the typical scenes only vijay can beating 100 people just like that or lockin a car from underwater ( waterproof batteries 😉 ) song in which he transforms into a superhero ( vettaikaran 😉 ) n all that stuff..punch dialogs were spilled all over..did i hear the applause sound in the background score?? oh, they knew we wouldn’t clap..guess they were right..then came the climax of killing the villian who became a minister in a single day..but actually a blind man does the job that vijay couldn’ much for logic..whatever..its way over time that vjay realised he should do somethin what to say..different is a wrong word to use here..a typical vijay movie with the same cliche scenes..its not with the hero but its directors who should change..waitin for the remake of classics like the italian job, fight club and tat kinda atleast that guys..and please no songs with a group of bright coloured dancers..wonder how’ll the people watchin the shooting in foreign locations ll feel bout us..aal izz well..

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